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E/Acc Substack

The place where it all began. A collection of founding articles, posts, and notes that detail the core tenants and philosophy of the movement. This is your best starting point, as a newcomer to effective accelerationism, so you can get acquainted with the basics of e/acc.

E/Acc Wiki

The e/acc wiki is a collection of relevant information on the e/acc movement, its principles, applications, forks, events, social spaces, members, in addition to various news and resources for deeper understanding. Your starting point for everything e/acc.


Mistral is an advanced text-generation model pre-trained with 7B parameters. Mistral is built on the transformer architecture, incorporating features such as Grouped-Query Attention, Sliding-Window Attention, and Byte-fallback BPE tokenizer, and recently Instruct.

Open Hermes

Open Hermes is a collection of open-sourced text-generation models with custom fine-tuning for 7B and 13B parameters, plus a 7B one for Mistral. The models were trained on 242K entries of primarily GPT-4 generated data from open datasets across the AI landscape, or 900K for the Mistral version.


Dingboard is a swift and seamless AI-powered raster image processor. It features a powerful set of tools to select and extract elements, render and apply stroke to text, manipulate composition using prompts, as well as arrange, rotate, flip, slice, merge, and erase layers.

Dr. Gupta

Dr. Gupta is a virtual health companion that leverages your medical information core stats, vitals, conditions, medications, allergies, and more, to provide real-time guidance and medical advice. The tool also offers virtual doctor's visits for quick consultations. Take control of your health today.


THORChain is a blockchain protocol that serves as a bridge, enabling direct asset transactions between chains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Avalanche, Cosmos, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. It allows you to exchange native assets and gain returns from swaps.


AlphaNotes is a ChatGPT plugin and GPT that transforms articles and YouTube videos into high-level summaries and study notes. It features embedded video and transcript extraction, PDF export, as well as article and YouTube video summarization.


Mosaic is a user-friendly visual environment that allows you to design, experiment, and implement tailor-made AI systems effortlessly, without needing any coding background. Mosaic enables you to connect functions, models, and endpoints swiftly with a visual builder.


Shoggoth is a peer-to-peer, anonymous network for sharing and disseminating open-source software and research materials. Shoggoth aims to challenge software censorship and enable developers to freely create and share software without reliance on centralized hosting services.


Favstar is a social analytics platform, helping content mavens make data-driven decisions. Favstar leverages AI and blockchain technology to deliver comprehensive social media footprint overviews for creators, offering insights and tactics to optimize content and engage audiences.

NeoSwap AI

NeoSwap is a payment framework for tokenized assets, designed to facilitate digital transactions akin to cash. NeoSwap employs AI and blockchain technology to deliver a flexible, effective, and user-friendly trading interface with custom price predictions and asymmetrical order-matching.


Live.farm is a self-sufficient homesteading community, blending AI, robotics, sustainable living, and micro-factories. Live.farm builds rural networks using satellite and cell communication, integrates drones for transport and surveillance, as well as autonomous rovers for ground tasks.


TulpaTalk is a digital mysticism platform that offers private conversations with local LLMs, creating a secure bond with your digital Tulpa. TulpaTalk operates exclusively on local, ensuring privacy for deep offline interactions, and is able to perceive your cerebral activity via the Muse EEG.


Worklife is a venture capital firm, focusing on supporting creative and flexible work environments not bound to traditional office spaces. Worklife assists technical teams with non-technical aspects and supports individuals with diverse skill sets, engaging with founders early in their ventures.

Spellcraft AI

Spellcraft is the original 'GPT wrapper' company, developing Merlin, GSH, and UPG. Merlin is a VSCode assistant for coding, documentation, and more, GSH is a talking terminal shell that executes commands, assists tasks, and writes code, while UPG uses natural language to auto-correct programs.

Rysana AI

Rysana AI is a platform, offering a complete range of open-source tools that integrate effortlessly with existing systems, guaranteeing safety and reliability. Lusat, known as Rysana AI's reasoning engine, plans and executes actions, creating dynamic intent-based app UIs, using a set of neural networks like LLMs.


0xRivendell simplifies the complexity of Web3 transactions, offering a user-friendly platform that streamlines digital asset operations. 0xRivendell provides an efficient and straightforward solution for managing cross-chain swaps, bridging, loan repayments, and advanced transaction settings, using natural language


GPUtopia is a decentralized marketplace specializing in GPU compute and AI services. GPUtopia enables users to monetize their GPU power by performing jobs for buyers and earning Bitcoin, while also providing a platform for purchasing and utilizing GPU compute through an AI chat interface.


futurephysics is an open-source GPT wrapper combining generative AI with Wikipedia's knowledge to generate innovative, realistic physics concepts. As a self-hosted Python package, it enables the creation of immersive visual narratives using OpenAI's GPT-4 and DALL-E models.


Stockpile is an innovative crowdfunding platform linking crowdfunds to specific milestones and offering optional rewards to backers. It enables open-grant rounds with fund distribution determined by community contributions throughout the round.

Buzr AI

Buzr AI is a hyper-realistic voice AI platform for tasks like flight rescheduling, restaurant reservations, and bulk support queries. It excels in enterprise customer support, sales, billing reminders, appointment scheduling, and feedback collection.


AndiSearch is an AI search chatbot that fuses generative AI with live data and semantic search technology. Andi transcends traditional search engines, offering precise, fact-based answers and intuitive visual presentations of results for easy comprehension, all in a clutter-free, ad-free format.

Extropic AI

Extropic AI is a computing paradigm that integrates generative AI with the physical world through out-of-equilibrium thermodynamics. Extropic AI seamlessly embeds generative AI into the world's physical processes, maximizing efficiency in space, time, and energy within the bounds of physical laws.


Metamorph is an AI community platform for AI exploration and incubation. Metamorph provides access to AI datasets, pre-trained models, development and deployment platforms, AI/ML research papers, and funding, empowering AI enthusiasts and professionals in their endeavors.

Scribe Media

Scribe Media is a comprehensive service for entrepreneurs, executives, and experts, guiding them through every step of writing, publishing, and marketing their books. Scribe's holistic approach ensures a seamless journey from concept to a successful book launch.


ContentBull is an AI-powered platform designed to effortlessly generate over 50 high-quality, SEO-optimized pages with a single click, using your inputted keywords. ContentBull creates comprehensive ~2000 word blog posts, streamlining the content creation process without the need for expensive writers.


ASAI is an AI Avatar platform, seeking to replace your software and internet interactions with natural language commands. ASAI ships with a toolkit of autonomous agents out-of-the-box, enabling you to search the web, read web pages, documents, and integrate it with Google Drive, email, and socials.


Grass is a marketplace that enables you to sell your unused internet bandwidth to AI companies, which use it for web scraping and model training. Grass helps you monetize this through its web extension, allowing you to earn a stake in the network by trading resources that would otherwise go unused.


brainrot.js is a platform that enables you to create simulated video discussions between two renowned personalities on any topic, styled in the popular brainrot TikTok format. brainrot.js democratizes the ability to generate engaging dialogues, transforming user engagement and social content creation.